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How much for a 220-volt mini electric hoist with a sports car? [please click free number] or [click quote] for more information. PA mini wire rope electric hoist can be installed on the hoist, single support, four-column support and wall support. PA mini wire rope electric hoist (including sports car) can be installed on the cantilever crane, mobile gantry frame and various cranes.


220v mini electric hoist adopts pure copper motor, low noise, fast heat dissipation, sufficient power and long life. With automatic limit device, the hook will stop automatically when it rises to dangerous height, which is safer. With emergency stop switch, can immediately stop action, forced lock, fast brake. The thickened suspension bracket is made of fine steel. Each component has strict production standards, strict control of quality from each production link, finished product tension test, unqualified products can not leave the factory.


220 volt mini electric hoist “ The small crane & throughout; Suitable for various occasions to lift and unload small goods, simple structure, easy installation, easy to carry, household 220v single-phase electricity can be used. PA mini wire rope electric hoist (including sports car) is widely used in machinery manufacturing, electronics, automotive, shipbuilding, workpiece assembly and high-tech industrial park and other modern industrial production lines, assembly lines, assembly machines, freight logistics, transportation and other occasions.


Mini electric hoist voltage is 220v, 380v, can be customized 110v, 440v voltage, for export customers, plug can be matched with the national standard, European standard, American standard, Australian standard, British standard. PA mini wire rope electric hoist with humanized design (including sports car) brings good experience for customers. How much for a 220-volt mini electric hoist with a sports car? Please call manager zhang at 15703121115(plus WeChat) and manager hao at 15703121233(plus WeChat).






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