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3吨3米手扳葫芦又称链条式紧线器,可用作拉紧电力和架空线路的的电线等各类缆线。手板葫芦 可以进行提升、牵引、下降、校准等作业。手扳葫芦具有安全可靠,经久耐用;性能好,维修简便;体积小,重量轻,携带方便;手柄操作力小,效率高;结构紧凑,外形美观等特点。手扳葫芦价格实惠。

3 tons 3 meters hand lever hoist is also called chain type cable tightener, which can be used to tighten all kinds of cables such as electric power and overhead lines. Hand block hoist can be used for lifting, traction, lowering, calibration and other operations. Hand lever hoist with safety and reliability, durable; Good performance, easy maintenance; Small size, light weight, easy to carry; The handle has low operating force and high efficiency. Compact structure, beautiful appearance and other characteristics. Price of hand - operated hoist [please click free phone number] or [click quote].



The 3-ton and 3-meter hand-lever hoist can pull and move equipment and other heavy objects, and can fix large equipment and other goods in automobile transportation. It is widely used in equipment installation of shipbuilding, electric power, transportation, construction, mining, post and telecommunications and other industries. Chain type wire tightener is used to lift heavy objects by human power. In operation, the remaining handles should follow freely without getting stuck. Handboard hoist with appropriate tonnage must be selected according to the size of load.

3吨3米手扳葫芦安全使用规范(Safety specification for 3 t 3 m hand - lever hoist)


1. Select the right size hand lever hoist for use. Overload is strictly prohibited. 2. It is strictly prohibited to lengthen the handle without authorization and operate with power other than human power. 3. When lifting heavy objects, personnel are strictly prohibited to do any work or walk under the heavy objects. 4. Conduct safety inspection on the hand-pulling hoist before use, and carry out no-load test on the hand-pulling hoist at the same time, and reasonably adjust the position of the lower hook according to the actual requirements. 5. The lower hook of hand block hoist is strictly prohibited to be flipped between two chains. 6. The maintenance and overhaul shall be carried out by those familiar with the hoist mechanism to prevent those who do not understand the performance principle of the machine from disassembling and assembling at will. 7. Clean the hand block gourd after use, apply anti-rust grease and store it in a dry place.


Hebei han xiang 3 t 3 m hand lever hoist specifications HST, VL, HSH, mini, wire rope hand lever hoist. Chain type tightener is 0.75 tons, 1.5 tons, 3 tons, 6 tons, standard lifting 1.5 meters, double ratchet brake is safer, weston type double card adjustment automatic brake, 360 degrees rotation handle is easy to use in the narrow space. Forged hooks after heat treatment have high strength and long service life.






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